Adventures and activities Eco-auberge Le Festival offers are:


– Day Trekking : circular walks ranging from 2 to 7 hours in the surrounding mountains.
– Guided Trekking : 1 to 5 days with the added benefit of a mule, carrying food and luggage.
– Gorge to Gorge Trekking : 3 to 5 day guided circular walks with a mule, taking you through breathtaking landscapes and allowing contact with Nomads living in the area. It is common to be invited to join them for tea !

4 well-drive adventures :

Guided driving From Todra gorge to Dades gorge via Tamtattoucht on an off road through awesome landscapes  is priced on demand.


Rock climbing: the rock walls behind Eco-auberge Le Festival are suitably equipped for beginners as well as advanced climbers. The famous climbing site “La petite Gorge” is within walking distance. Most climbing routes at the inn are flooded by the morning sun. The appropriate climbing gear and professional guides are readily available.


Eco-auberge Le Festival rents bikes for exploring the area.

Donkey , mule and horse riding :

Donkeys are kind of a treat for families with children.